Global Day of Action: Qantas, please take a stand. Don’t deport to danger!


Outside the Qantas Office, London.44376095_2219012118368610_3670420510757355520_o

Former Templehof Airport, Berlin
#Unteilbar Demo, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


Qantas please take a stand against deportations to danger!

Actions have taken place in Brussels, London and Berlin to support the actions in Melbourne and Sydney calling on Qantas shareholders to support a motion at the Qantas AGM that would see Qantas stop carrying out deportations for the Australian Government.

More information here:

Original Call and Statement from the London Action below.
London Statement from Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants:

We stand together with groups around the world to protest against Qantas’ involvement in forced deportations for the Australian government. This week we’ve been spending time outside the Qantas head office in London to send them a message.

Queers know what it is like to fight back against oppression. It is not that long ago that LGBT+ people were the “illegals”, targeted by police and the state. We draw on the history of this struggle to stand with migrants and refugees who around the world are facing unjust deportations to places of danger.

We have been actively campaigning against British Airways sponsorship of Pride events around the UK while they continue to deport people for the British home office. Companies cannot cherry-pick which human rights they choose to support.

Qantas says that it promotes diversity and inclusion. It’s CEO, Alan Joyce, took a stand against the Australian government to say “Yes” to marriage equality, stating that support for marriage equality was about the “fundamental Australian value of fairness”.

In a new campaign Qantas recently launched promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion Qantas calls on Australian to “stand up for a fair go” so we are asking Qantas themselves to “stand up for a fair go” and stop their involvement in forced deportations.

Australia is infamous around the world for its indefinite detention of people seeking safety – including children – in offshore detention camps. The Australian government’s punitive stance towards people seeking safety and its abuse of human rights is well-known and broadly condemned around the world. This is the “spirit of Australia” that Qantas promotes when it fails to take a stand and continues to deport people.

We are taking action today to tell Qantas that it cannot cherry-pick which human rights it chooses to uphold. It cannot state that it upholds fairness and inclusion, while it facilitates a program that is tearing communities – and even families – apart.

There is no pride in deporting human beings.

#Disrupt2018 #QantasTakeaStand #DontDeportToDanger #HomeToBilo


Original call:
In the last few weeks, the Australian government has returned numerous asylum seekers to danger. 15 people were returned to Sri Lanka and the majority were arrested on arrival at the airport of Colombo. An Iraqi man was deported from Perth – despite his pending appeal in the federal court. Priya and Nades still wait in detention to find out if they and their children will be separated and returned to Sri Lanka, instead of going back to the Queensland town they now call home.

Dutton has shown that there is no due process in deciding who gets to stay – and who is forced to leave. But he needs airlines – like Qantas – to do his dirty work.

On the Sunday 21st October, we are calling on people around the world to say #StandUpQantas, don’t help Dutton #deporttodanger.

We are calling on people to go to the Qantas offices and qantas desks in their home city and stage a die-in to tell Qantas that they must take a stand and refuse to be complicit in the human rights abuses of our government.

If there is no QANTAS office or desk in your city, you can:
– retweet and share the photos from actions in other cities, and of course this event as well.
– make a banner and do a photo action at an iconic location where you live. Poster files are here


October 5 marks the 200th day that the people detained on Nauru have been protesting and calling for freedom. From around the world people are sending messages of solidarity and support.

World Refugee Day Protests in London, NY, Berlin, Santiago, Tokyo and Wellington

To mark World Refugee Day on June 20 2016 protests or vigils took place at Australian embassies or consulates in London, New York, Berlin, Santiago, Tokyo and Wellington.

Watch a video of the protests in London here:

Screenshot 2016-06-25 06.06.56

Picture from London protests

The London protests were covered in Huck and The Daily Telegraph.

Pictures from Tokyo


Piecture from Berlin

Pictures from protests in New York

Pictures from Wellington protests:


Refugees Welcome Guerilla Projection onto Australia House, London

Screenshot 2016-04-26 12.20.28

Photos of Reza Berati, Fazel Chegeni and Hamid Kehazhaei, all refugees who died in Australian offshore detention centres, along with #CloseTheCamps and #RefugeeWelcome, were projected onto the Australian High Commission in London. All men were Iranian Kurds fleeing persecution. Australia’s policy is to punish refugees arriving by boat in oder to ‘deter’ them from seeking safety in Australia.
video by @indyrikki

Get Involved

We want as many people as possible from as many countries and cities around the world involved in this network.

There’s so much to do, from education and outreach about Australia’s brutal mandatory detention policies or supporting campaigns to divest from mandatory detention where we live, to organising protests and vigil or confronting Australian politicians when they travel overseas.

To get involves please sign up here:

You can also join our facebook group and ‘like’ our page on facebook.

Video Projects

The International Alliance Against Mandatory Detention (formally Australian and Allies Overseas Against Mandatory Detention) have created several video projects.

“Dear Australia, Let Asylum Seekers Stay” (February 2016)

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.00.37

“Dear Australia – A Global Call to End Mandatory Detention” (March 2015)

Screenshot 2016-02-20 14.33.50

“Dear Australia – Thousands Protest Against Mandatory and Indefinite Detention” (April 2015)

Screenshot 2016-02-20 14.35.48